Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and data protection
This website and forms are GDPR compliant on our part. Further information can be found under data protection declaration. Only the ISSS team can see all information. A Google login is not required. If you log in with your Google account (which is not necessary), Google will temporarily store your data as usual (possibly also outside the EU, depending on your settings).

Registration of files and forms
Filling out the registration form is required to access and enjoy certain services offered by the website and to receive information requested. Not providing the personal information requested or not accepting this data protection policy means that it is impossible to receive information, subscribe, register or participate in any of the promotions requesting personal data.

Accuracy and veracity of the data
The user is the sole responsible for the veracity and authenticity of the data provided exonerating ISSS of any responsibility in this regard. Users guarantee the precision, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided and consent to keep their details up to date. Users agree to provide complete and correct information on the registration or subscription form.
ISSS is not responsible for the accuracy of information that is not personally created by them, or for information which originates from an outside source. It is also not responsible for the hypothetical damages that may emerge from the misuse of information.
ISSS reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained on its website, as well as to limit or deny access to said information.
ISSS is exempt from any responsibility for any damage that the user could suffer as a result of any errors, faults or omissions in the information provided by ISSS if the information came from sources outside ISSS.

Cookies are only collected as part of the operation of the website. No other cookies are collected, stored or passed on for advertising or commercial purposes.

Transferring data to third parties
ISSS shall not transfer users‘ data to third parties.