ISSS Board

The ISSS Board consists of the following officers:

The officers are:
Peter B. Licht, Odense, Denmark (President)
Moshe Hashmonai, Zikron Ya'akov, Israel (Secretary)
Chris Hensman, Melbourne, Australia (Past-President)
Georg Bischof, Vienna, Austria
Alan Cameron, Ipswich, UK
Cliff Connery, New York, USA
Joaquín García-Morato
, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hitoshi Oda, Fukuoka, Japan
(incoming Chairman)
Noel Perin, New York, USA
Mirco Santini, Ferrara, Italy
Christoph H. Schick, Munich, Germany

Hashmonai, Licht, Hensman, Schick, Bischof, Connery, Milanez de Cmpos, Suarez during the congress in Melbourne 2013.

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